The main theme of the DWG 2015 is “Water security: Equity in Water Governance in Semi-Arid regions”, focusing around two central issues in water governance: Equity and water security, pertaining to semi-arid regions in both developed and developing countries. The aims are, first, to create robust dialogue related to fresh water governance; second, to define and frame the level and context of issues in the local and international debates; and third, to raise the level of awareness and discussions at the local and international levels to mobilize partnerships to develop comprehensive research programs covering different aspects of water governance.


The DWG 2015 is structured around six (6) seminars addressing the following themes:


  1. National development planning and institutional reforms related to water;
  2. The role of water pricing in achieving equity and water security;
  3. Sustaining environmental flows for water, food, and energy security;
  4. Equity and water tenure in water allocations;
  5. Water security and regional cooperation;
  6. Capacity development and networks for improved governance leading to water-energy-food security.


Each seminar will highlight diverse experiences with contributions from experts from around the world. The main premise in these seminars is that equitable allocations can ensure a secure water future in scarcity conditions and increased competition for water, while promoting gender and inter-generational involvement, and equity in allocation.


After the seminars, there will be a plenary presentation on Water Governance and Water Security provided by a Leadership Forum in the main O2 event, followed by Regional Consultation on Water Security, conducted by the UN-WATER Task Force on Water Security.


The thematic breakdown of each seminar is provided here.

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