O2 2015 Event- IHAB

The Intercontinental Encounter about Nature Project – O2 was conceived from the combination of ideas of the members of the Movement Friend of the Water in Ceará State, Brazil. The main idea of this group has always been to contribute to a world where people can be born, grow, and live in a healthy environment, avoiding the fear of damage of the planet caused by our abuse of our surrounding environment.

The first edition of O2 happened on November 9-15, 2003, in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, and has been repeated in each November of odd-numbered years ever since. The Seventh edition of O2 will take place on November 21-25, 2015. The O2 main objective is to discuss sustainable development at the global level but with a local action, enticing participants to contribute individually to the conservation and protection of all living beings, learning from the actions of those who have social and environmental commitment, to make the WORLD TO BREATH BETTER.

In 2006 in the city of Moura-Alentejo (Portugal) hosted the SEPTEMBER FAIR on September 7-11 in partnership with Fortaleza, with a simultaneous O2 festival.

Join us and contribute! Bring your practical experiences and ideas about your actions to protect the waters that surround us. Be a Water Friend! You can also bring your experiences from your social club, NGO, civic group, school, private company or governmental agency… The idea is to join forces to make a positive impact on our surrounding environment, and keep the water clean. Then, we can take these practices elsewhere, and hopefully each city in the world will have their own caring Water Friends!

The O2 format, with a systemic view of the socio-environmental actions interacts in its various themes in an open fair ambience: Technology Fair and Clean Production – PROECO, Round Sustainable Business, Courses, Conferences, Round Tables, best practices presentations, environmental education workshops, open tribune for nature, Leadership Forum, Eco-Art Culture display, Ecological Library, Ecotourism and Nature Sports activities. This year, O2 is proud to count on the partnership with the Inter-American Water Resources Network and other renowned entities to host the Dialogue on Water Governance 2015, which will bring to Fortaleza renowned leaders, scientists, and practitioners on water management from many corners of the world.

The idea is that everyone has access to information, knowledge, and practices that will be displayed, explained, and demonstrated to those that want to do something to harmonize mankind and the surrounding nature – to have our great home clean and smiling at all of us!

If you want more information about O2, please click here (in Portuguese).

Welcome to Fortaleza. Welcome to the O2 Event. We guarantee that we will have a bright day with us!


IHAB Council Chairman