Welcome to the Dialogue on Water Governance 2015 (DWG 2015), an event organized by the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN), in conjunction with the Water Research Commission of South Africa (WRC), the National Water Agency of Brazil (ANA), the Brazilian Geological Survey (CPRM), the Brazilian Energy Regulatory Agency (ANEEL), the Ceara State Secretariat of Water Resources (SRH), the Organization of American States (OAS), UNDP Cap-Net, the United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment, and Health (UNU-INWEH), the Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean (CAALCA), and the host, IHAB – Instituto Hidroambiental Águas do Brasil.


The DWG 2015 will be held in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, on November 22-26, 2015, as an event within the O2 International Encounter for Nature, organized by IHAB – Instituto Hidroambiental Águas do Brasil, a renowned NGO in North-East Brazil that focuses on the promotion of sustainability and adaptation of social and economic processes to the realities of the arid and semi-arid regions in Brazil. The first three days, the DWG 2015 will host a discussion on six (6) themes and a plenary panel discussion on Water Governance and Security. Finally, on November 26, there will be a Regional Consultation on Water Security facilitated by the UN-Water Task Force on Water Security.


Under the main theme of “Water security: Equity in Water Governance in Semi-Arid regions”, the DWG 2015 will focus around two central issues in water governance: Equity and water security, pertaining mostly to semi-arid regions in both developed and developing countries. The aims are, first, to create robust dialogue related to fresh water governance; and second, to define and frame the level and context of issues in the local and international debates; and third, to raise the level of awareness and discussions at the local and international levels to mobilize partnerships to develop comprehensive research programs covering different aspects of water governance.


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  1. En el ámbito de la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, estoy realizando mi investigación de tesis doctoral en comunidades campesinas que viven en el semidesierto de Coahuila (Cuenca del Río Bravo, compartida con U.S.A.).

    La investigación tiene como ejes principales los de gobernanza del agua, territorialidad y despojo de los recursos naturales (land grabbing), en el contexto del crecimiento industrial de las ciudades de Saltillo y Monterrey, ubicadas en el Noreste de México.

    Me gustaría saber las posibilidades de participar en el Encuentro, cuando menos enviando una ponencia (no tengo recursos paratrasladarme a Brasil).

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